About Me


My mother was a Ngemba Weilwan woman from Western NSW and I was raised on Gamilaroi Country in Wee Waa , North West NSW.

I have had an inner calling to paint for quite sometime but never really had the courage until late 2019 when I asked my cousin to sit down with me and show me how to start. Since that day I have continued to paint and develop my own contemporary style, with a cosmic twist. He helped me unearth something deep inside me that has helped me connect not only with culture but also with myself.

Through the general course of life's tragedies and struggles, I desperately needed an outlet for these intense emotions and stresses.

I am a  mum of four beautiful kids who are the driving force for me to keep moving forward and to teach them never to give up. No matter how many dark days are ahead, there is always a light on, you just have to want to find it.

Polly xx